The Dimensions Collection - New Releases

Posted 27th May '20 ·
The Dimensions Collection - New Releases

Bottled from single casks at cask strength, The Dimensions Collection is testament to the diversity and influence of individual casks, offering unrepeatable expressions from both renowned and lesser known distilleries.

Neither chill filtered nor artificially coloured, only the finest whiskies are selected for inclusion ensuring that each release delivers the multidimensional character of the distillery, true to our ethos “Whisky Without Compromise”.

Our May 2019 releases are no exception. All three whiskies have been bottled in May 2019 and are exemplary with depth and complexity befitting The Dimensions Collection.

Here's what our Tasting Panel thought:

2011 7YO 54.2%

Colour: Dark amber
Nose: Maple syrup, orange oil, dried fruit and sweet sherried.
Taste: Vibrant and figgy. Maraschino cherries, Turkish delight and dark chocolate. Then a hint of spice and peppercorns.
Finish: Ginger snaps, earthy and malty with a lingering sweetness of brown sugar

2008 10YO 54.5%

Colour: Amber
Nose: Menthol, honeycomb and floral notes. Sherry oakiness, lemongrass, rum and raisin.
Taste: Herbal, almonds and spice. Lemongrass, sherry notes, basil and menthol. Mouthcoating.
Finish: Grassy, cashew nuts and sweet oak which lingers with a hint of orange.

2004 14YO 54.2%

Colour: Amber
Nose: Coastal and salty. Menthol, lemongrass and herbal.
Taste: Some smoke and toasted oak, beach bonfire. Spicy white pepper.
Finish: Woody with herbal notes and residual sweetness.