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    The Rarest

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The Rarest


With the passage of time, some distilleries have grown in stature whilst others have ceased trading due to vagaries of commerce. Many distilleries have come and gone since Duncan Taylor was established, the majority of which have subsequently been demolished, and now exist in name only. ‘Mystical’ distilleries such as Kinclaith, Banff and Glenugie unfortunately could not compete in the cut-throat world of modern business.

Many of these legendary names have been resurrected thanks to the foresight of the early custodians of Duncan Taylor who invested in maturing casks from these distilleries many years ago. The Rarest Collection is testament to their vision.

Whisky from these distilleries has been matured and bottled in accordance with Duncan Taylor’s standard of excellence, as single casks at cask strength with no chillfiltration or colouring, thus the whisky is in its natural form.

The Rarest Collection follows the well established Duncan Taylor concept of providing full information regarding the provenance of the casks and the product presentation reflects the rarity of this unique and exclusive collection

The Tantalus

The Duncan Taylor Tantalus contains a unique collection of single malt and single grain whiskies matured to 40 years and above in the vaults of some of Scotland’s premium Distilleries where they were produced. The range encompasses full maturation in many differing oak casks which previously held Bourbon, Sherry or Port, and is bottled at natural cask strength and unfettered by chilled-filtration.


Duncan Taylor Single Range


DT_SINGLE_WEBDuncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Limited’s new ‘Single’ range continues the company‘s long history of bottling Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies from some of Scotland’s finest distilleries.

The majority of the whiskies in the ‘Single’ range are at least 30 years old, or from distilleries that are no longer producing whisky. Bottled from a Single Cask, at Cask Strength, presented in a handsome leather and hardwood case, as rich and luxurious as the whisky it contains.




Dimensions is a super-premium collection highlighting the multi-dimensional nature of the Duncan Taylor Portfolio. The whiskies in this range vary from 10 year old single malts and grains up to 39 years of age.

The rarity of the Dimensions range is implicit. Each whisky is the product of a single cask, bottled at natural cask strength and presented in a luxury carton. The provenance of each cask is featured on the label, including the origin of the spirit, distillation and bottling dates, cask number, the number of bottles and the individual bottle number.

The OCTAVE Collection

For many years, Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Ltd. has experimented in the use of differing cask sizes for the maturation of Single Malt and Single Grain Scotch whiskies. The research stemmed from a simple premise that there is more interaction between the wood and the spirit over a shorter period of time in a small cask than in a large cask, therefore allowing a more rapid “melding” of wood, air and alcohol.

Black Bull Kyloe


From the award winning Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Company and Black Bull brand comes Kyloe, a brand new release to add to the Black Bull fold.

Kyloe (pronounced Kahy-loh) is inspired by the hardy breed of highland cattle, the Kyloe, known to survive in the bitter windswept highlands and islands of Scotland. Black Bull Kyloe shares much of its likeness with this great breed – robust and with outstanding pedigree.

Kyloe is blended using the finest malt and grain whisky, at a high ratio of malt to grain, and bottled at a hearty 50% abv, without the use of chill filtration, to offer a bold, authentic and powerful sensory experience.

Black Bull 12 Year Old


Flavour is hugely important to us at Black Bull along with enjoying the good times, so with each of our blends we set out to create something new and different – whilst keeping in mind 150 years of Black Bull blending values and philosophies. We have created each Black Bull blend with its own flavour and character, so from the vibrant, untamed Kyloe to the big, bold 12 year old to the definitive, refined 40 year old, there is a Black Bull to suit your personality and pallet. We created blends that we like drinking ourselves and we want to share these with you, so we say throw off the modern day shackles and grab life by the horns!

Black Bull 21 Year Old


Stoically independent and without compromise.
Black Bull was first released to discerning drinkers in 1864, and has since grown to become a renowned whisky of quality, offering a powerful sensory experience, and delivering indulgent, uncompromised depth.
Black Bull is still blended to the same formula today as was used in the very beginning, using a large percentage of quality Speyside and Highland malts, matured in sherry and bourbon casks, blended to a high malt to grain ratio, and finally bottled at a robust 50% abv.

Black Bull is unfettered by chill filtration, allowing the character of each carefully selected whisky to shine through to its full potential, resulting in a unique blend that is outstanding in its field.

Uncompromising, prime and boldly refined – Black Bull 21 year old is a Highlander
with an exceptional pedigree.

Black Bull Racers Reserve 21 Year Old



ECURIE ECOSSE + BLACK BULL ‘RACERS RESERVE’ is a special and limited edition collaboration blended Scotch whisky, consisting of rare and aged whiskies chosen by the drivers of the ECURIE ECOSSE motor racing squad, and then blended by the specialist blenders of BLACK BULL WHISKY.

This blended Scotch whisky is a minimum of 21 years, and contains the finest whiskies from the major producing regions of Scotland.

Both ECURIE ECOSSE and BLACK BULL WHISKY are steeped in history and heritage. ECURIE ECOSSE won the most prestigious motor race in the world, Le Mans, in 1956 and 1957, won the C2 World Sportscar Championship in 1980s, and won the British Touring Car Championship in the 1990s. BLACK BULL WHISKY has been awarded ‘Best Blended Scotch Whisky in the World’ and numerous gold awards from some of the most prestigious competitions and publications in the drinks industry.

Black Bull 30 Year Old


This special blend is a marriage of the finest single malt and single grain whiskies produced in Scotland. The whiskies were vatted together in the 1970s, just after distillation, and matured in sherry casks for a minimum of 30 years, resulting in this
premium rare blend.

Black Bull 40 Year Old



The eagerly awaited Black Bull 40 year old special release has been launched.

Multi-award winning Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky has added this new, exceptionally rare whisky to its distinguished range. Only 1,500 bottles of the limited edition, batch 7.

Loyal followers of Black Bull are expecting a whisky which packs a punch following the last batch that was produced in 2011. Whisky experts and enthusiasts poured huge praise on the last production of this blend, which received 94% rating in blind taste tests by industry leaders.

The character of this latest batch has been captured in abundance, blending high quality single malts including Aberlour 1975, Macallan 1969 and Glenlivet 1968. With an ABV of 47.6% this is no ordinary Scotch Whisky. With a ratio of 86% malt to 14% grain it charts the journey of many a fine whisky from as far back as 1966.

CEO Euan Shand commented: “Black Bull 40 year old is a world class whisky and it has been worth the wait to add it to our portfolio. We are confident that it will take its place amongst the best luxury whiskies available today and cement our position in the market place.”

On the palate, the tasting notes for the new Black Bull 40 year old reveal a style that is rich, beautifully sweet and full bodied in character. Infused with toffee apples, milk chocolate, grapefruit and mango it gives a very smooth and gentle taste with a warm syrupy finish. A truly indulgent, perfectly balanced whisky, which is a gorgeous amber colour.

Marking a new chapter in the unfolding story of Huntly based Duncan Taylor Scotch Whiskies. The company has ownership of one of the largest privately held collections of rare Scotch whisky casks. This latest whisky is undoubtedly a must-have for Black Bull enthusiasts.

Due to hit the shelves this week, this limited edition is available from specialist retailers. For more information log onto www.blackbullwhisky.com


Black Bull Special Reserve No. 2

BLACKBULL-SR2-BOTTLE-&-TUBEWEBBlack Bull Special Reserve No. 2 is the second instalment of the excellent Special Reserve series.

The Special Reserve No. 2 is a blend of exceptional whiskies from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, featuring an unusually high ratio of 75% malt to 25% grain whisky, and bottled at 50% abv.

The blend contains whiskies from the following distilleries: Aberlour, Bowmore, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila, Cragganmore, Glen Grant, Imperial, and Cameronbridge and Invergordon grain.


The Big Smoke



The Big Smoke is a blended Islay malt whisky. Bottled relatively young, its characteristics are reminiscent of traditional Islay malt – full of peat smoke coastal sweetness. Powerful yet caressing, the Big Smoke is bottled at 46% and 60% ABV, and contains the likes of some of the most iconic Islay malt distilleries. The Big Smoke delivers a bold and powerful sensory experience to the seasoned Islay fanatics, with a multi-dimensional sweetness that allows it to be enjoyed by connoisseurs of smoother Speyside and Campbeltown malts.



Whisky as it used to be!

Blended in small batches, Duncan Taylor has created a modern Blended Whisky using peaty malts from throughout Scotland, and paying homage to the legendary old, heavy smoky blends of yesteryear. Smokin’ – The Gentleman’s Dram contains smoky whiskies from distilleries throughout Scotland, no-longer bound by regional definitions. The Master Blender has perfectly balanced the robust peat smoke flavours now being produced by mainland Scottish Distillers and complimented them with the smooth notes of toffee and vanilla produced by pairing grain whisky and fresh bourbon casks. Smokin’ – The Gentleman’s Dram is renowned for its rich flavour and un-compromising character, a full bodied experience to be savoured. Winner of the San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition Double-Gold Medal, 2014 & 20

Loch Ness



Loch Ness and Scotch Whisky are synonymous with Scotland. Nationally treasured, and known throughout the world, these two Icons symbolise Scotland to many people. Upon entering a bar, travel-weary Scot’s often find that these are the first things they are asked about. The usual response of a Scot is to order two large glasses of Scotch Whisky, and tell a story or three about the mysterious creature known to live in the depths of the Loch.

The Original Loch Ness Whisky Company has brought together the finest malt and grain whiskies from throughout Scotland in this elegant 5 year old Blended Scotch Whisky.

The tranquil and soft nose belies the hidden mysteries and depths that can be found with further investigation, a trait it shares with the body of water that inspired the creation of this whisky.

Whisky Galore

Our Whisky Galore range represents a new generation of premium single malt Scotch whiskies from more recent quality vintages. These 1980s and 1990s bottlings are available at various strengths and remain in their natural form with no chill-filtering or colouring.

Whisky Galore is known as the Legendary Scotch in celebration of the famous incident in 1941 when the S.S. Politician, a cargo ship laden with whisky, foundered in the Sound of Eriskay, off the West coast of Scotland.

The ship sailed into history and legend when her unfortunate demise presented the local islanders with an unexpected and irresistible bounty of ‘free’ whisky, which they smuggled ashore.

Duncan Taylor bottle an extensive selection of single malts under the Whisky Galore brand providing a comprehensive selection from each whisky producing region of Scotland.

Scottish Glory

This, the finest of Scotch Whiskies is distilled in the heart of the highlands of Scotland and blended to a recipe handed down from generation to generation. Scottish Glory is a blend of impeccable quality flavoured by the most discerning of palates.

Auld Reekie

Edinburgh has long been associated with smoke, whisky and royalty. It is reported that in 1777 there were no fewer than 400 illicit distilleries in Edinburgh. These easily went undetected in the thick smoke that filled the city. The smoke was such an issue that the capital became known as ‘Auld Reekie’.

In more modern times Edinburgh has lost its reputation as being the smoky capital of Scotland with the Island of Islay now more synonymous in whisky circles with smoke.


Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Limited is located in Huntly; a town in the North East of Scotland, which is rich in heritage, has a vibrant traditional culture and is steeped in history. To commemorate one of the important landmarks to be found in the town of Huntly, Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Limited released the Batthill range which consists of some of the finest 6 to 10 year old single malts. Also included in this range is limited bottlings of several older whiskies such as 17 year old Macallan and 16 Year Old Aberlour.

Battlehill holds a historical significance in the battle for the throne between Robert The Bruce and John Comyn, Earl of Buchan, who was one of the most powerful nobles in Scotland. Robert The Bruce’s son Robert Bruce had taken ill and was treated in the town of Huntly. Edward, Robert The Bruce’s brother had moved a large part of his army to safer wooded lands of Slioch, south of Huntly. John Comyn seized this opportunity and assembled an army to attack Robert The Bruce. An archery battle took place without either side gaining a decisive victory, Earl’s army eventually withdrew. Battlehill is one of many historical landmarks situated in and around Huntly that holds a particular significance in the history of Scotland.

The whiskies are bottled at 46% ensuring that they are accessible for all to enjoy.